Manitas DE PLATA (Ricardo Baliardo) create the festive gypsy music then the youngest of his family, The Gipsy Kings, create a genre of music in itself.

The Gipsy Kings are part of those few exceptional artists in the history of music whose have invented a universal music style.

The transmission is part of Gypsy culture, this is how Mickael Baliardo ( Tonino Baliardo’s Son, solo guitarist and founder of the Gipsy Kings) become part of Gipsy Kings almost 5 years ago.

His creativity, his talents as musician and singer were immediately recognized by the band. Mickael is now as well the Artistic Director of the Gipsy Kings .
It is the link between the tradition of the Gipsy Kings music and the renewal of the music’s genre.

It is on tour that Michael is set to perform his new songs. The enthusiasm of the fans and the public brings him the strength to add to the Gipsy Kings the sound of MK Gipsy Kings, the Gipsy Kings new generation! A first album of MK Gipsy Kings is currently recorded for a release early 2017.