François Staal has composed over 60 film and television scores, documentaries besides music, pubs and short films including Arte. In 2015, he signed the music of “The shot” Philip Triboit (GOLDEN PYRENEES the best single drama, and the Audience Award for Best unit at the Festival de Luchon, selection FIPA) and War of the waves Laurent Jaoui (In selection and competition at the Festival de La Rochelle), both films were shot in 2015 hearts SACD.

At the end of an artistic shock at the age of 10 years to the vision of the film “Alexander Nevsky” of “2 Sergei” (Esentein and Prokofiev) and after studying at the Lycee Henri IV, a former student of the CIM, it is self-taught he approaches film music writing, theatre and song writing. Admiration of a little “staggered” composers such as Philip Glass, François de Roubaix, Mychael Nyman, Steve Reich, Ennio Moriconne or Danny Elfman, it is still very attracted to composition more “classic” Maurice Jarre, Antoine Duhamel, Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner … He has written for the cinema and for all channels France 2, France 3, M6, TF1, Arte, Canal + and works mainly with Laurent Jaoui, Phillipe Triboit, Didier Fisherman, Laurent Dussaux, Arnaud Sélignac Luc Berault, Gabriel Aghion for among others… Although it is mainly the symphony orchestras who play his compositions, he also made using techniques as diverse as the acoustic music, modern, jazz or rock, or samplers. He is also the author and composer of four songs from albums French Poetic Rock concert he plays, especially at the Olympia in 2011 and 2015 as a favorite, and in this context, he collaborated with, among other Jean Fauque, Elvire Murail and Charlie Couture …


Beverly Hills - EP

  1. Beverly Hills
  2. Arctic Bay
  3. 500 Lieues
  4. Ou Que J’aille

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Albert Camus (Music from the Movie)

  1. Intro Main Theme
  2. Camus Enfant
  3. Maria Casares
  4. L’atelier Deb Camus – Le Village
  5. Francine Joue Bach Flash Back
  6. Francine Tristesse
  7. La Critique De J.P Sartre
  8. Les Temps Modernes
  9. Bach Goldberg Variations, Bwv 988
  10. Francine À L’hopital
  11. Le Prix Nobel
  12. La Mère De Camus – Les Journalistes
  13. En Suède
  14. La Bombe
  15. Soirée Jazz – (A Hard Breakfast) 
  16. La Chute – Les Électrochocs
  17. Camus S’enferme
  18. L’amour
  19. L’accident
  20. End (Crédit Camus)

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Home Sweat Home (Original Soundtrack from the TV Series)

  1. Love Theme: Solo (Intro)
  2. La mère
  3. Main Theme: Home Sweet Home (Générique du début)
  4. Mystère – Elle passe
  5. L’enquête
  6. La balançoire
  7. Quitter la maison
  8. La photo
  9. L’enterrement
  10. Au cimetière
  11. Le portefeuille
  12. La mobylette de Gassier
  13. La découverte
  14. Révélations
  15. Le mensonge
  16. Main Theme: Promenade
  17. L’argent
  18. Love Theme: La Lettre
  19. La petite cuillère
  20. Le cocu
  21. Et vite fait
  22. Mon père n’est pas mon père
  23. La bagarre
  24. Main Theme: Drôle de question
  25. Main Theme: Home Sweet Home (End Credit)
  26. We Will Be Back

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